First steps

ACES is the new European Commission supported H2020-Euratom-1 project (Total EUR 5.45 million, 2020-24) that will advance the assessment of safety performance of safety-critical concrete infrastructure by addressing remaining scientific and technology gaps for the safe and long-term operation of nuclear power plants.
This collaborative project aims to clarify, enhance and unify methods of structural integrity assessment in support of long-term operation.
Partners include CEA, EDF and IRSN (France), CV ŘEŽ and CTU (Czech Republic), ENERGORISK (Ukraine), ENGIE and SCK CEN (Belgium), ZAG (Slovenia), ORNL (USA) and VTT (Finland) as coordinator.

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WP 1

State-of-the-art of quantitative assessment of ageing of concrete SSC


WP 2

Corrosion assessment of embedded liners in concrete



WP 3

Characterization, prediction, and monitoring of internal swelling reactions in concrete

Christophe.Marique (at)

WP 4

Delayed strains of containment buildings in operational and accidental conditions


WP 5

Assessing the performance of irradiated concrete


WP 6

Dissemination, communication and training



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