Introducing the members of the Expert Advisory Board

ACES’ is proud to announce the members of the Expert Advisory Board: Prof. Ippei Maruyama (Nagoya University and University of Tokyo) and Assistant Prof. Miguel Azenha (University of Minho).

Prof. Ippei Maruyama is well known for his contribution to the ageing management of concrete structures, preservation of historical buildings and civil structures, radiation physics and chemistry for concrete, cement chemistry, and applied geochemistry.

Assistant Prof. Miguel Azenha is well known for his contributions to the numerical and experimental study of concrete at early ages regarding phenomena such as thermo-hygral-mechanical couplings, and concrete properties evolution during hydration, creep and shrinkage, and the use of digital processes in construction.

ACES’ looks forward to working with the Expert Advisory Board in steering the project towards successfully achieving its objectives.

Warm gratitude to both for accepting this opportunity!

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WP 1

State-of-the-art of quantitative assessment of ageing of concrete SSC


WP 2

Corrosion assessment of embedded liners in concrete



WP 3

Characterization, prediction, and monitoring of internal swelling reactions in concrete

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WP 4

Delayed strains of containment buildings in operational and accidental conditions


WP 5

Assessing the performance of irradiated concrete


WP 6

Dissemination, communication and training



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