ZAG – Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute
ZAG acts as a workpackage leader of WP2 – Corrosion assessment of liners in concrete.
Experimental testing & mechanisms characterisation on crevice corrosion of steel liner in concrete of containment building (electrical resistance probes – ER probes, coupled multi-electrode array sensors – CMEA). Selection / testing of existing and available NDT for corrosion assessment in SCCP and adjustments for their possible implementation to robotic platform.

Description of the organization

ZAG Ljubljana (Slovenian national Building and Civil Engineering Institute) is Slovenia's national building and civil engineering institute. It is public, non-profit, state owned body. Its main activities include fundamental and applied research, development of new methods of testing and measurement, certification and attestation of conformity of products, training of research and technical staff in particular technical fields, participation in the preparation of technical codes and standards.

ZAG is covering nearly all aspects of building and construction engineering and excels in cross-linking different issues in a comprehensive analysis (e.g. sustainability, energy, health protection, fire safety and earthquake resistance). Through excellent work it successfully promotes progress-oriented applied science and technical expertise on a global scale with a focus on sustainability aspects in construction.

Over the last 10 years ZAG has participated in more than 50 projects funded from the EU (4th FP – H2020) and it is currently involved in 11 H2020 projects. In total at the moment ZAG is involved in more than 70 national and international research projects covering the brad spectrum of building and civil engineering. ZAG is full member of international associations with different role either in the research arena or in the legislative framework: CEN and EOTA, RILEM, CIB, FIB, IMEKO and PIARC, FEHRL, ENBRI, ECI ICE, RILEM, ERTRAC, ISWIM, ECTP and E2BA, EGOLF, EFC.

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WP 1

State-of-the-art of quantitative assessment of ageing of concrete SSC


WP 2

Corrosion assessment of embedded liners in concrete



WP 3

Characterization, prediction, and monitoring of internal swelling reactions in concrete

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WP 4

Delayed strains of containment buildings in operational and accidental conditions


WP 5

Assessing the performance of irradiated concrete


WP 6

Dissemination, communication and training



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